About Us

MLSC Skateshop (Moses Lake Skate Crew) was founded in 2003.  The shop prospered and grew, and in 2007 the timing was right to open a second location.  I partnered with Vito from Midstate Skateshop out of Yakima, WA and we opened a store in Richland, WA.  MOSAIK was born to be the name of our growing collective of skate shops.  In 2010 MOSAIK opened its third location in Ellensburg, WA.  Unfortunately due to economic times, MOSAIK Ellensburg was short lived and only lasted about a year and a half.  MOSAIK Richland continued during those tough times and relocated to a new location in an effort to bring costs down.  MOSAIK Richland finally closed its doors in November 2015, with 8 years under its belt.  One of the hardest lessons learned over the years was, you can't be in 3 places at once.  MOSAIK Moses Lake closed its brick and mortar store front in March of 2017 after a 14 year run.  The store fronts may be closed, but the memories and spirit live on as we venture into the virtual store front space.


MOSAIKBOARDSHOP.COM continues the legacy to support and grow the Eastern Washington skate scene by providing demos, contests, video premiers and all around stoke.  Who knows what the future holds, but I know one thing, I can't live without skateboarding.


Josh Mohs, Owner MOSAIK

MOSAIK Richland circa 2014 

MOSAIK Richland circa 2014