#MOSAIKLIFE Insta-Montage

July 06 2015

#MOSAIKLIFE is an Instagram hashtag that #MOSAIKSQUAD, friends, and well anybody use to tag amazing skateboarding related to MOSAIK Boardshop. 

In an age were attentions spans are getting shorter and shorter, I thought it would be fun to compile a bunch of 15 second Instagram videos and see what I could come up with.  I also really enjoy listening to Allan Watts and when I found this remix it all came together.  I hope you enjoy.

The video features MOSAIK team riders and friends!
Omar Guzman - @omarguzmanog
Alex Alaniz - @alexalaniz_
Justin Newton - @Justin_figgy_newton
Joe Hernandez - @manox541
Isaac Martinez - @sakk_attack
Jc Mcdonald - @heelflip_90
Andy Hernandez - @andyh24
Jack Johnson - @jakjakjohnson
Eddie Ramirez - @enchikilla
Josh Mohs - @mosaikjosh